Our Projects

Explore the breadth of KMM Civils capabilities and commitment to excellence through a compilation of our noteworthy projects, each reflecting our dedication to precision and quality in the field of civil engineering.

Large Civils Project in Mossley

Explore KMM Civils’ success in the Mossley project—a showcase of expertise in a large-scale development, featuring 25 bespoke homes, intricate retaining walls, soil nailing, land stabilisation, and new road and sewer installations.

Site Clearance

Navigating through the complexities of site clearance and de-vegetation, KMM Civils showcased our commitment to meticulous planning and execution. The team efficiently cleared the site, removing obstacles and vegetation while prioritising environmental sustainability. This process created a clean canvas ready for construction.

Innovative Retaining Walls

The topography of the Mossley site posed challenges that were expertly met through innovative retaining wall solutions. The construction of numerous bespoke retaining walls not only enhanced the visual appeal of the development but also ensured the structural integrity of the landscape.

Drainage Excellence

Addressing the unique challenges of the site, their team implemented efficient and sustainable drainage systems. These systems not only comply with regulatory standards but also contribute to the long-term resilience and environmental sustainability of the development.

Precision Road Construction

KMM Civils laid the groundwork for seamless connectivity within the development. Our meticulous approach to road building ensured not only structural durability but also an aesthetic integration with the surrounding landscape.

Past Civils Projects

Housing Project in Manchester

Each team member played a pivotal role in this challenging yet rewarding project. Despite its complexities and time requirements, KMM successfully completed 175 houses for Persimmon Homes, and we eagerly anticipate Phase 2, where our expertise in housing development will continue to shine.

Lancaster Drainage Upgrades

Leveraging advanced engineering and innovative design, we achieved outstanding outcomes in the Lancaster drainage project for Barhale. We exceeded all client expectations, ensuring the project’s punctual delivery while staying within the allocated budget. Our commitment to excellence is at the core of our success.

Kershaw Mews Project

Our client’s project objectives were not only met but surpassed. This venture involved the development of new build homes within a private setting in Manchester, where we executed tasks ranging from foundational work and slab installations to comprehensive external package services.

Liverpool University

Commencing work on Liverpool University’s School of Law and Social Justice, we undertook extensive excavation for foundation establishment and the installation of a new, innovative drainage system. This project showcases our expertise in infrastructure works and innovative engineering solutions.

Manchester 278 Works

In Manchester, we undertook a noteworthy venture characterised by intricate traffic management. The scope included expanding footways, introducing two new drainage connections, creating a new traffic island, and implementing essential signage. This project showcases our excellence in infrastructure and drainage works.

Liverpool Drainage Upgrades

Through innovative engineering and design, we achieved exceptional outcomes in the Myrtle Street drainage upgrade project in Liverpool. Collaborating with local experts, we not only met but exceeded all client objectives, showcasing our expertise in infrastructure and drainage improvements.

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